Help & Support

Cook Counseling Center

The Cook Counseling Center is part of the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Tech. The center provides counseling services to VT students, faculty and parents. One struggling with an eating disorder could set up an appointment at the center online or call 1-540- 231-6557.

Schiffert Health Center

Schiffert Health center is a health care facility on Virginia Tech’s campus. Schiffert provides medical care to VT students. Their mission is to promote well-being among the student body at Virginia Tech. Therefore, if you or another VT student that you know is struggling from an eating disorder, you should seek help from Schiffert Health Center.

Women’s Center at VT

The Women’s Center prides itself on making sure everyone at Virginia Tech feels a sense of security. The center provides services for all genders and ethnicities; therefore, no one feels excluded. The center is located close to Virginia Tech’s campus and is open Monday- Friday 8am-5pm.


The National Eating Disorder Association is available to everyone struggling with an eating disorder or looking for more information on eating disorders. This website discusses the signs and symptoms of the various types, provides an eating disorder screening tool and gives suggestions on how to help a loved one who may be suffering. HC NEDA logo